Responsibility Training

I absolutely do not believe in punishing a child for bedwetting but I do believe in encouraging a helpful attitude. This is why I encourage all my patients to properly dispose of any pull-ups and to take their wet sheets to the laundry room. Some families have Tide pods ready for them to use so they can start the wash without make a mess. Be careful with Tide pods if you have small children. Ingestion can cause terrible harm to their esophagus.

Responsibility training and reinforcement is an important aspect of parenting. Start them young (age 4-5 years) with this process. Kids should be part of a working household. It’s their responsibility to keep their space clean. It is your responsibility to have a system in place that is consistent and isn’t embarrassing.

Bedwetting Responsibility Training

  1. Explain that this is not a punishment it’s only to get them clean dry sheets more efficiently.
  2. Brainstorm with them what makes the most sense to quickly resolve wet sheets in the morning so the smell doesn’t linger.
  3. Determine together where to put the wet sheets. Find a spot that is always available. I prefer it goes directly into the washer since wash is rarely being done first thing in the morning.
  4. Identify if they are mature enough to start the washer.
  5. Encourage the child to always place their wet pull up in the same trash can, so it can be removed often. This is also an opportunity for you to track if they are starting to have dry nights.

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