Hypercalciuria and Bedwetting

Hypercalciuria (high levels of calcium in the urine) is thought to influence a child’s prevalence for bedwetting. Civilibal, Duru, Elevli, and Civilibal (2014) set out to compare urinary calcium levels over a 24 hour period between bedwetters and non-bedwetters. Their study included 200 children, 120 bedwetters, and 80 non-bedwetters. They included kids age 7 to … Read moreHypercalciuria and Bedwetting

Are “bad” sleepers more likely to have bedwetting?

Ma, Li, Jiang, Jin, Zhang, Yan, Tian, Shen, and Li (2018) wanted to understand if children with sleep dysfunction were more likely to have bedwetting. Over 20,000 children were surveyed through several questionnaires. They compared those that wet the bed with those that did not.  They found that boys with bedwetting were more likely to … Read moreAre “bad” sleepers more likely to have bedwetting?

Telehealth – During a pandemic and beyond

I’ve received a lot of questions about whether a child with urinary problems should see a urologist, their pediatrician, or let them “grow out of it.” Your child should absolutely see your pediatrician first to rule out scary reasons they could be wetting. This visit should include a basic urinalysis and a thorough history. Often … Read moreTelehealth – During a pandemic and beyond

Will Punishment Work?

Ferrara, Di Giuseppe, Fabrizio, Sbordone, Amato, Cutrona, and Verrotti (2016) wanted to see how punishment influenced a child’s bedwetting. They evaluated 218 children that wet the bed. They found that kids that received punishment during their treatment had a lower rate of improvement.  Punishment included reprimanding, depriving them of sleep, mild beating, leaving them wet … Read moreWill Punishment Work?

Bedwetting because of small bladder?

Borg, Kamperis, Olsen, and Ritting (2017) set out to evaluate the nighttime bladder capacity in children with normal daytime bladder capacity and bedwetting. They described estimated bladder capacity as their age plus 1.  (i.e. 5 year old + 1 = 6 ounce bladder).  Eighty-four percent of the kids had a wet night with a volume … Read moreBedwetting because of small bladder?

Are kids with ADHD harder to treat?

Kovacevic, Wolfe-Christensen, Rizwan, Lu, and Lakshmanan (2018) wanted to identify the severity of bedwetting in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It’s known that there is an association between ADHD and bedwetting.  They compared children with bedwetting with ADHD and without ADHD.  They found that kids with ADHD had more severe daytime voiding symptoms, … Read moreAre kids with ADHD harder to treat?