Daytime Wetting

It’s very important that your child is seen by their provider to be evaluated if they are wetting during the day.  Here are some tips to try once they have been seen by their provider and evaluated by exam and by urinalysis.

Urotherapy – A fancy way to say, healthy bladder habits.

  1. Set them on a peeing schedule. Have them pee every 2 hours on the clock.
    • Do not say, “do you need to pee, you better go and try.” Instead say, “It’s 12 o’clock, go pee!” By asking them for an opinion then telling them they have to go, you are setting yourself up for a power struggle. 
    • Ensure that their school is also sending them appropriately.
  2. Hydrate!
    • Kids are smart and notice if they drink less, they need to pee less.  Make sure they are drinking enough water during the day.  This might seem like a bad idea but they need to exercise and heal their bladder.  Being on timed voiding with hydration can help prevent excess accidents.  (See page 6 in the workbook for hydration goals or click here.)
  3. Ensure they are having daily soft poops. 
    • Kids that hold the poops can cause bladder problems. I often see kids who hold their poops at school and frequently have skid marks in their underwear from it.  This is a huge problem.  Encourage them to sit for 5 minutes after breakfast every morning with a step stool to have a bowel movement.  It’s rare that I see a patient that doesn’t have some element of poop problems.  Their poor pooping might be causing all of their bladder problems.  Speak with your provider about starting daily miralax.  Most kids will be started on 1/2 capful. For more information about poops click here and here.
  4. Encourage your child to pee correctly.
    • Never have your child push out their pee.  Encourage girls to pee with a step stool and take their time. If they have a small bottom, encourage them to use a toilet seat insert.  Dipping into the toilet or holding themselves up by pushing on the toilet seat can lead to voiding dysfunction.  Encourage boys to pee with their penis straight.  Often times boys will fold their penis over their waistband and then push out their pee to rush.  This causes bladder problems and they will often dribble in their underwear afterward. 

That’s my top 4 recommendations for all of my patients with daytime wetting.  If your provider doesn’t find anything concerning and your child is still having daytime accidents despite these tips for 4 weeks, it’s time to visit with a pediatric urologist or urology nurse practitioner.