Vitamin D and Omega-3 to reduce Bedwetting

Rhamani, Eftekhari, Fallahzadeh, Fararouei, and Massoumi (2018) reviewed the effects of vitamin D and omega-3 on bedwetting wetting.  This was a randomized, placebo-controlled double-blinded trial of 162 children.  They were divided into 4 groups. One group received 1,000 international units of Vitamin D a day, the second group received omega, -3 1000 mg per day, … Read moreVitamin D and Omega-3 to reduce Bedwetting

Medicinal Herbs to Treat Bedwetting

Cochran reviewed five trials about Medicinal Herbs. Medicinal Herbs are to correct the imbalance of the Yin-Yang. One small trial compared Chinese medicinal herbs to demopressin, herbs showed improvement but the group was too small to see a significant difference.  Three trials compared medicinal herbs to imipramine and showed improvement and a decreased failure rate … Read moreMedicinal Herbs to Treat Bedwetting

Diet Restriction to Reduce Bedwetting

Cochrane reviewed two trials on dietary restriction to decrease bedwetting. A low antigen diet restricts diary, gluten, eggs, and most meats.  A small trial showed an improvement with dietary restriction but a relapse occurred in 6/9 children given test foods compared with 0/9 given placebo  foods. The second trial of dietary restriction only had one … Read moreDiet Restriction to Reduce Bedwetting

2010 Cochrane Review of Alternative Therapies

Cochrane Database is an amazing way to have an unbiased review of the literature without reading every single article. Several researchers complete a systematic review of all the research to answer a question and determine an answer.  The question in review for this article is “does alternative therapy treat bedwetting?” In 2011, they complied all … Read more2010 Cochrane Review of Alternative Therapies

Bladder Basic Advice decreases wet nights

Tkaczyk, Maternik, Krakowska, Wosiak, Miklaszewska, Zachwieja, Runowski, Jander, Ratajczak, Korzeniecka-Kozyrska, Mader-Wolyriska, and Kilis-Pstrusinska (2017) wanted to evaluate the treatment rate of basic bladder advice after 3 months.  They evaluated 49 bedwetters and assessed them at 30, 60, and 90 days.  The intervention was bladder basic advice which included, information on what causes bedwetting, proper volume … Read moreBladder Basic Advice decreases wet nights