Unrecognized Megarectum

Hodges and Anthony (2012) reviewed 30 patients’ bowel habits to identify megarectum (large rectal vault) and classic constipation symptoms. Constipation is a known cause of bedwetting. O’Regan first noted it in the 19080’s. Unfortunately, a thorough evaluation of constipation is no longer done for patients with bedwetting.  Providers typically ask, “any symptoms of constipation?” but … Read moreUnrecognized Megarectum

Constipation and Wetting

The correlation between constipation and wetting is very commonly overlooked.  Sampaio, Sampaio Sousa, Fraga, Veiga, Netto & Barroso (2016) interviewed 829 children and 9% had urinary symptoms.  Of those children with urinary symptoms 35% also had constipation.  Only 8% of kids without urinary symptoms had constipation alone.  Kids that void infrequently and are considered “holders” … Read moreConstipation and Wetting