Bedwetting “Cures” that don’t work

Bedwetting “Cures” that don’t work

Setting a phone alarm throughout the night. I’ve had families that have their child set a phone alarm every 2 hours to go pee. This method is exhausting and doesn’t train the brain to respond to the signal of their bladder filling. Most families also find that without helping their child throughout the night the alarm will go off all night without the child getting up.

Waking your child to pee before you go to bed. This is often recommended by pediatricians. This might keep your child dry that night but it isn’t an overall cure to fix the problem. Unfortunately, if you have a child that is dry every night with this system, it doesn’t mean they can go to a sleepover without fear of wetting. I often have families that don’t wake their child once a month to see if they’ve grown out of it to find that they are still wetting. Again, there is nothing wrong with this technique but it is not a cure.

Punishing your child for being wet. This is absolutely not helpful for the child to achieve dryness. If anything, it decreases their sense of self-worth even more. Explaining to your child that dryness is the goal is one thing, telling them they are grounded or calling them names is not ok.

Bonus “Cure”: There is absolutely no literature that I can find in the medical school library that supports cinnamon as a cure for bedwetting. Many websites are touting it as a cure because it’s easy “click bait”. Cassia cinnamon has shown to benefit blood sugars but it also contains a potentially toxic compound called coumarin. The dose required to decrease blood sugars (1-2 teaspoons) could be unhealthy for a child’s liver.

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