Back to School Night

Back to School Night

If your child wets the bed you absolutely need to have a conversation with their teacher. Back to school night is a great opportunity to find out about the teacher’s bathroom policies and hydration policies AND your child’s habits.

The conversation with your child should go like this:

  • “How many times do you pee at school?” The goal is for your child to pee every 2-3 hours. If they say they try not to pee there, that is a real problem and they need a “pee schedule” set up with their teacher.
  • How much do you drink at school?” If they say sips from the water fountain and milk at lunch, that is NOT enough.
  • Do you poop at school?” If they so no, they try not to or wait till they get home that is unacceptable. They must feel comfortable pooping at school.

The conversation with the teacher should go like this:

  • Do you have scheduled bathroom breaks?” If they don’t, request that your child gets sent every 2-3 hours. If they seem hesitant, get a note from your pediatrician.
  • Do you allow water bottles at the student’s desk? This is huge, your child needs adequate hydration for their weight every day.

If you are not getting a positive vibe from your child’s teacher, get a note from your pediatrician. There are template notes and hydration goals for your child’s weight in our Time to Be Dry Workbook.