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Q: My child was prescribed desmopressin will this cure his bedwetting?

A: No, I like to think of desmopressin (also referred to as DDAVP) as a crutch until they grow out of it or begin treatment. Medications only work in about 30% of children and it only works the night they take it. It does not fix the underlying problem.

Q: Are there any herbs that can help?​

A: The only supplement that has any substantial research behind it is Vit D.  This isn’t conclusive.

Q: My child doesn’t care. What’s wrong with him?​

A: Two things that often come up are that some kids haven’t developed the social awareness that wetting is a problem and other kids feel like they have no control so why bother.  Punishing them is NEVER recommended but you can help motivate them in other ways.  Only reward them for trying their best.  If they are meeting their urotherapy guidelines such as voiding every 2-3 hours during the day, hitting hydration and fiber goals, they should be rewarded.  They also need to understand that as a member of the family, they need to help with removing linens in the morning and taking them to the laundry room.  This is not punishment, but part of being a contributing member of the family.

Q: Can I just set my phone alarm in the middle of the night?

If you set an alarm to take them to the bathroom at night it will help them stay dry that night.  It will not fix the problem.  Using a moisture sensing alarm will train their brain to recognize that their bladder is full and ready to empty.

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