Telehealth – During a pandemic and beyond

I’ve received a lot of questions about whether a child with urinary problems should see a urologist, their pediatrician, or let them “grow out of it.” Your child should absolutely see your pediatrician first to rule out scary reasons they could be wetting. This visit should include a basic urinalysis and a thorough history. Often times, your child will not need additional testing if their only symptom is wetting the bed at night. This is especially true if they’ve wet the bed their whole life. It’s still important their pediatrician knows they are ready to dry.

If your child has already had a normal urinalysis and was referred to see a pediatric urologist please consider telehealth during this pandemic. Establishing care, reviewing your child’s full medical history, and developing a plan while waiting for social distancing guidelines to relax could be the best thing for your child. Most parents are now home with their child and this is a huge advantage to allow you to see exactly what your child’s bowel and bladder habits are during the day. If your child answers, “I don’t know” to all of the questions the visit will be wasted. (See frequently asked urologist questions on page 16.) Having your child home and free from distractions can give them a huge advantage in following urotherapy correctly to help them overcome wetting at night.

You have to follow all of the recommendations for several weeks before you will start to see results. Now is a great time to start these habits and start working through the Time to be Dry Workbook. If you are symptoms free and dry, notify your peditrician so you can cancel your follow up appointments.