Time to be Dry: Bedwetting Workbook

Time to be Dry: Bedwetting Workbook

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This workbook is to help you work through the process of achieving dryness.  This is a step by step guide for kids that have already been evaluated by their pediatrician.  You must have your pediatrician’s clearance before starting the program.

100% money back guaranteed after working through the steps for 3 months if no improvement.  The program can take 1-6 months. Keep in mind your child’s bladder has been working a certain way for a long time, it can take some time to get it functioning properly.  Patience, support and consistency are the key.

The last step (if still wetting) requires you purchase a bedwetting alarm (costs around $30) to complete the program.

Workbook is available for download up to 3 times for the next  1 year.



For the price of a box of pull ups your child has an 80% chance of being dry.

This workbook is designed by a nurse practitioner that takes care of 30+ bedwetters a week.  These are the exact same steps she uses to get kids on the path to dry nights. It takes a lot of work but with a motivated child you can help them navigate through improving their bladder habits and waking up to their bladder signals.

Requirements before starting the workbook:
1. Evaluation from your pediatrician to rule out any red flags.

2. Child must be dry during the day.

3. Child must be motivated.

4. You need to purchase a bedwetting alarm.