Helpful Stuff

I’ve listed the products that I often recommend to patients. Proceeds from our Amazon Affiliate links help support this webpage and free workbook.

Cheap and Durable Alarm

The Dry Easy is another alarm I recommend to my patients.  It also has both the vibrate and alarm options. Great option if you prefer Amazon.

Potty Seat for Little Bottoms

I frequently monitor a patient’s voiding posture. Often times kids are very stiff while voiding because they are afraid of falling in.  If they are “hovering” they will have a harder time emptying their bladder completely.  This smaller seat helps them relax.

Squatty Potty, Proper Position helps more poop get out

Often times parents don’t think their child is constipated, often times they have 3 or less bowel movements a week.  They need to make more room for urine overnight by emptying their bowels.

It’s important for your child’s feet to be flat on the ground with their knees slightly above their hips increase the volume of poop they get out each time. Click for step stool here.

Miralax to soften poops

Discuss the need for softer bowel movements with your provider.  Children that have bladder issues need to have soft, daily bowel movements so their bladder has space to relax and fill.

Often times your provider will recommend 6 months of a stool softener to help heal their stretched out rectal vault to their bladder can have more room.

Underwear that you use with a Pad

This underwear comes in boys and girls.  There are also two sizes, small and large.  They have an insert that is disposable.  Many families have commented on liking these because they are so discrete.

Inserts for the Underwear

Inserts that go with the good nites underwear above.

Some families ask me if it’s better to have them wear underwear or pull ups.  Unless you are actively trying to treat the wetting, my philosophy is that pull ups and pads decrease the stress of wet sheets. I don’t have research to support this, but as a mom it makes sense.

Have a Water Bottle at all times for your Child

This compares to the more expensive hydro flask.  The most important thing is making sure your child knows how many refills they need each day.  Any water bottle will do, but this one can keep it cold.

Potty Watch that doesn’t look like a Potty Watch

A potty watch can be the best thing you’ve ever bought or a waste of money.  Some kids love being in charge and going every time it buzzes; some kids completely ignore it.

It is NOT for overnight use.  It is for daytime urine holders who don’t void often enough.  You can set the alarm at intervals every 2-3 hours during the day.

Disclaimer: I receive a small stipend when you use my affiliate links.  I have only listed items I have used myself or come highly recommended from my patients.  This helps cover the cost of maintaining the website with up-to-date research.