Psychotherapy or Counseling to treat bedwetting

Psychotherapy or counseling showed positive effects in reducing bedwetting but specific interventions were not well described. Cochrane reviewed six trials with psychotherapy or counseling as the intervention group. During treatment, psychological or supportive interventions resulted in less wet nights than desmopressin or rewards, such as a star chart. Psychological support was less effective than imipramine. … Read morePsychotherapy or Counseling to treat bedwetting

Does Motivational Therapy work?

Ferrara et al. (2018) compared desmopressin, motivational therapy, and desmopressin with motivational therapy.  They studied 137 patients with a mean age of 8.8 years. They evaluated the child’s response at 3 months.  Motivational therapy included: avoiding punishment, having a supportive environment, remembering that bedwetting is not the child’s fault, management of constipation, tracking wet and … Read moreDoes Motivational Therapy work?

A great Intro Article

Jain and Bhatt’s article suggests that a provider obtain a thorough history, physical examination, reviews a voiding diary to see how much their bladder can hold throughout the day, and urinalysis.  No other testing is needed if the patient does not have daytime urinary symptoms or other red flags. There are two treatment modalities: pharmacologic … Read moreA great Intro Article